22 Nov 2007

Live Cricket Streaming By Neo Sports

NEO Sports has been streaming LIVE the recent India vs Pakistan series.

It is not free though, charging 50Rs for a match for “over 100 clips a day”. I’m not sure how LIVE streaming can have clips. My guess is that clips are uploaded every over or so to the Zapak servers.

So, why are they charging for this service? Is it to offset Zapak server costs, or to make NEO some money? On both counts, it is a bad idea. If Zapak servers need some subsidies, perhaps they should have gone with Youtube or other video sharing sites which might have hosted this content for free or on an ad-revenue sharing basis. If NEO was hoping to make some money, the volumes would never to large enough to make any.

Also I find it strange that it has been hosted on a Zapak subdomian (neosports.zapak.com), not the NEO Sports domain (neosports.tv).