26 Sep 2008

Alexa Anti Bot Html

Check out the HTML markup of the “Where people go on Domain.com” section of any Alexa traffic page.

<span class="cde4">18</span>
<span class="cfb5">80</span>
<span class="c7a7">ai</span>
<span class="cbed">49</span>
<span class="c3d5">co</span>
<span class="c99d">m</span>

The markup above is meant to display “mail.google.com”. I’m guessing it’s an anti-bot measure, since they insert this comment after every obscured piece of data.

Did you know? Alexa offers this data programmatically.  Visit [http://aws.amazon.com/awis](http://aws.amazon.com/awis) for more information about the Alexa Web Information Service.